Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

William H. Dunlap Orphanage

The purpose of the William H. Dunlap Orphanage is to provide care, support, maintenance, and education of orphaned, or fatherless, or helpless, or needy children and to support projects related to such children. Our ministry is to those made vulnerable by unfortunate circumstances and whose vulnerability is compounded by their youth. Our purpose is to relieve the disadvantaged by:

Financial assistance (grants) are limited to "exempt organizations" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code) which are providing comprehensive physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual care in a Christian environment. Funding for such projects shall not exceed five years and shall be on a declining basis. The Board will happily consider any proposal which offers the opportunity to meet the needs of orphaned, or fatherless, or helpless, or needy children, subject to the following guidelines:

1.Proposals will be considered on an annual basis. To be considered, completed applications must be postmarked and received not later than October 1 at the Administrative office:

William H. Dunlap Orphanage, Inc.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Center
1 Cleveland St Ste 110
Greenville SC 29601-3646

2.Proposals must include a completed William H. Dunlap Application for Grant with the required attachments. Applicants need to view the following before completing the application:

3.The William H. Dunlap Board will determine the projects to receive support at its Fall meeting. The funds granted to the applicant will become available during the following calendar year.

Dunlap Trustees have established ongoing relationships with Palmer Home For Children, Columbus, MS, and Collins Home for Children, Seneca, SC. These ministries will provide resources and opportunities for ministry. Dunlap has established two Scholarship programs for orphans. The William H. Dunlap Scholarship at Erskine College, featured here in Erskine NetNews, and a scholarship program for Associate Reformed Presbyterian orphans who cannot attend Erskine.