Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


To the 1963 Meeting of the General Synod of
the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

This is your Synod's most recently established Board.

Your Board of Stewardship held its organizational meeting in August 1962 at the Bonclarken Assembly Grounds.

For our immediate goal your board set the encouragement of total Christian family stewardship in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Synod.

Every church of the General Synod was sent the Presbyterian U.S. packet on "Every Member Canvass Supplies" and encouraged to use it.

Your moderator, Dr. C. R. Younts, was asked for permission to have a Stewardship speaker at the next meeting of the General Synod. By the time the Program Committee of the Synod approved this request, your board felt it too late to secure a competent speaker.

A denominational handbook prepared by the Rev. Mr. W. P. Grier was sent to every church of our Synod. It is reported that these were well received.

Our first meeting (after organizing) was held at the First A.R.P. Church in Rock Hill, S. C., on January 80, 1963. The Rev. Mr. W. P. Grier was elected chairman of the board. The Rev. Mr. Baron Nowak was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

The board members have been encouraging the spirit of stewardship on the Presbytery level.

Your board is still in a state of plasticity for we are still becoming a board. We would appreciate any constructive suggestions as to how we may become a Board of Stewardship that will be of most benefit to this branch of the Church of God.

Your Board recommends the following:


1. We urge our ministers to preach yearly on the truth that tithing is the Scriptural minimum of Christian stewardship of money. (If a minister does not believe this, we urge him to restudy the Word.)

2. We urge our ministers to preach on Stewardship on Sabbath mornings In November.

3. We recommend that the board of deacons and the session have a training session on Christian stewardship of money and the duties of elders and deacons in relation to it.

4. We recommend that the women's stewardship study be made congregation-wide by having it either on a Sabbath or prayer meeting evening.

5. An accurate survey, not guesswork but by tithe cards, should be made to see how many tithers each congregation has in order that accurate records may be secured.

6. Each church is urged to work out and execute a program of Every Member Canvass, pledging and budgeting which will enable the congregation to develop in Christian stewardship.


1. We recommend that Presbytery's representative on Synod's board emphasize stewardship in his respective Presbytery, and that said board member be chairman of a Presbytery committee on stewardship.

2. We recommend that each Presbytery have at least three laymen elected to work together with Synod's board member in emphasizing stewardship in the Presbytery.

3. We recommend that each Presbytery (or state or district, if the Presbytery is wide-spread) have a Stewardship rally in September or October, with, a dedicated layman or minister speaking on what tithing and Christian stewardship have meant to him, and or panel discussions, or question-answer Sessions on the practical aspects of having and developing a stewardship program. The speaker would be appointed by the Presbytery's Stewardship Committee. A program for the Rally might be worked out by your Synod's Board.

4. Each Presbytery have Every Member Canvass workshop. Canvassers would be familiarized with materials. This might be in place of the rally mentioned above.


1. November is to be designated as Stewardship month. Canvassing, pledging budgeting, preaching, and follow-ups should be completed by the end of November.

2. Books, pamphlets, and study guides recommended by your board to be used by the churches are:

The women's stewardship guide

Presbyterian U.S. Stewardship materials

Money and the Church, by Luther P. Powell

Stewardship in Contemporary Theology, edited by T. K. Thompson

Stewardship Studies, by Roy L. Smith (devotional)

3. A program on Stewardship will be held at Bonclarken during the Conference in August with a guest speaker.

4. We hope that someday, in the not-too-distant future, the Synod may have a full-time, trained director of a Department of Stewardship.

Tracts distributed: 6000 in First, Second, Catawba, Mississippi Valley Presbyteries; 500 to Ladies' Synodical Union; 200 at Elders' meeting.

Coins sold: 825 in 7 different congregations.

Two talks on Stewardship were made at the Seminary.

Testimonials have been received from local churches, attesting to the effectiveness of the stewardship emphasis of this Board.

Tracts were also available for the delegates of Synod.

The Board of Stewardship requests a minimum of $450.00 for its 1964 budget.

Respectfully submitted,